Understanding Interest Rates and Fees on Instant Loan Apps

Apr 2, 2024
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We live­ in a fast-paced world where quick financial solutions are­ needed. This le­d to instant loan apps rising. These apps make ge­tting a quick loan easy when money is urge­ntly needed. But, knowing the­ interest rates and fe­es they charge is crucial. 

These instant loan apps changed how pe­ople borrow money. With just a few taps on your phone, a loan can be obtaine­d. No lengthy paperwork is require­d, making the process fast and convenie­nt for all.

What Factors Determine Interest Rates?

Learning what factors determine interest rates is essential to get a quick loan. Several factors determine personal loan interest. Here are the key ones:

  • Income: The borrower's income is one of the critical factors determining their ability to repay the loans and the time taken. A financially stable borrower is more likely to receive lower interest rates.
  • Credit Score: Credit score is an essential indicator for verifying the borrower’s capability to repay their loan on time. 
  • Debt-to-Income: The amount of salary one spends on repayment of existing loans creates an impactful image on the lender regarding the borrower’s ability to repay and the lender’s interest rate calculation. 
  • Lender-Borrower Relationship: Having an open and trusting relationship with the lender helps secure low interest rates on loans. 
  • Repayment History: If your repayment history indicates a lower risk profile. You can get loans with lower interest rates. 

Various Types of Interest Rates 

There are two main types of personal loan interest: Fixed and Variable. 

  • Fixed or Flat Interest Rates: In the fixed or flat interest system, the interest rate on the loan is stagnant, which also remains constant throughout the loan time. 
  • Reducing or Variable Interest Rates: In the reducing or variable interest, the changes in the tenure depend on the economic conditions and government policies. It is also an an adjustable interest rate due to its flexible tendencies. 

How do Instant Loan Apps Calculate Their Fees and Charges?

Choosing a lender who can hail competitive interest rates is one key reason borrowers look for when availing of loans. You must do so when applying for any type of loan. However, have you ever wondered: 

  • How do instant loans apps calculate their fees and charges 
  • And why do interest rates vary between different instant loan apps? 

In most cases, lenders offer loans with secured interest rates determined by several factors, including credit score, loan amount, and loan repayment tenure. 

The credit scores are expected to be high, loan tenure to be of longer duration, and the principal amount to be small. This attracts a lower interest rate.

Tips That Can Maximise your Chance of Getting Loan Approval

To get instant personal loan approval effectively, here is a complete guide with verified tips and helpful insights. 

Maintain a Healthy Credit Score: It is essential to have a higher credit score to get approvals. You can regularly check the report, address discrepancies, and make timely payments on existing loans to maintain your credit score.

Choose the Right Lender: If you can find a lender with a quick turnaround time and an efficient online process, you can quickly sanction your loan with many criticalities. 

Fulfil the Eligibility: Before you proceed with your application process, reviewing the eligibility criteria and other information is essential. This helps secure the right lender and gain approvals quickly, marking you both on the exact requirements page. 

Prepare Documentation: Preparing all the necessary documents beforehand is handy to ensure a smooth application to sanction the loan process. Critical documents include an identity card, address, and income and employment statement. 

Opt for Online Applications: Although the mode of application is a personal choice, opting for online procession is beneficial. You can complete all formalities efficiently in real time. 

Apply for the Right Loan: The borrower needs to set out their priorities, which include the type and amount of loan. Lenders often evaluate your repayment capability based on income and existing financial obligations. Take a loan that falls within your financial abilities.


When opting for an instant loan app, it is essential to understand the interest rates and fees. This helps in taking well-informed actions on related finances. The creditors also consider the borrower's credit score, income status, and repayment tenure. Therefore, it is also essential for you to weigh your options well and choose the best instant cash loan that satisfies all your requirements. 

mPokket is an immediate lending application that gives individuals, including students and young professionals in India, access to funds. Through mPokket, you can borrow money instantly without having any requirements such as lengthy documents or deposits. The quick loans online app has clear conditions and competitive prices, making it a comfortable and dependable option to address sudden financial obligations.

Gaurav Jalan

Gaurav Jalan is the Founder and CEO of mPokket, a digital lending platform serving underserved Indian youth. He leverages technology and experience to deliver cost-effective credit to marginalized populations. In his role, he provides strategic direction and oversees execution to fulfill mPokket's mission.