mPokket Instant Loan for Students

We aspire to serve as a lifeline for students confronting financial challenges, providing swift support for education, daily expenses, and unexpected needs.

With skyrocketing costs, students often struggle to pay for their expenses, related to education and other daily needs. mPokket's instant loan for students has proven to be a great source of support in challenging times that college-going students often face. If you need money to take up an extra course, pay monthly bills, pay for a medical emergency or travel, instant personal loan for students is truly a blessing.

mPokket: The best loan app for students

mPokket understands the value of quality education. With this goal in mind, we have come up with the instant loan feature which enables one to invest in their education.

To help students during their life’s most critical journey, the best instant loan app for students in India takes a burden off their shoulders. mPokket provides instant loans for students and gives them a chance to cross the financial hurdles they face as students. With mPokket, the journey is uninhibited and uninterrupted.

If you are a student looking for an instant personal loan, sign up to avail the benefits of the best loan app for students in India.

The challenges with traditional loans for students: Why opt for an instant loan for students?

For students, accessing loans is not as easy as it sounds. The loan approval process can have numerous hurdles. The major challenges include:


With traditional loans, students are required to present a guarantor to put up collaterals. Oftentimes, complying with these conditions may not be possible for every student.

There are times when the student requires small amounts to pay a quick bill or to fund an expense. At such times, the traditional loans which take time to be granted are not a feasible option and that is where mPokket steps in, to provide instant personal loan for students.

High risk and long-term

Long-term student loans are riskier. What if the student doesn’t finish the course on time or get a job on time? Lenders could face a loan default while high-interest rates and late payment penalties could put the students under pressure.

As an alternative, the student personal loan app mPokket gives short-term personal loans up to ₹ 20,000 that can be repaid within 4 months. mPokket transfers the loans instantly to the student’s bank account.

Eligibility Criteria

Your have attained the age of 18.

Your have valid college ID card and address proof.

You have Voter Card/Driving License/Passport/Aadhaar as an ID and an address proof.

You have PAN card (This is mandatory if you are producing Aadhaar card as in ID proof and optional for any other ID proof).

New opportunities in the form of mPokket instant loan for college students

With an instant loan app for students such as mPokket, it is easier to avail loans to power one’s ambitions and education. Countering problems of traditional loans such as the need for a collateral or the risk associated with a longer repayment tenure, mPokket works like the modern student’s instant loan companion.

In short, as a student, you can get the best student loans instantly using mPokket. An instant and seamless process to receive student loans makes mPokket the most preferred loan app for students in India.