What Are the Pros and Cons of Personal Loans?

Nov 20, 2023
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Personal loans can be a financial lifeline when you need money for various reasons. You can use a personal loan for almost anything, like paying for a wedding, consolidating debt, or covering medical bills. They are typically unsecured, meaning you do not have to offer any assets, like your car or home, as collateral.

However, like any financial tool, personal loans come with their own set of pros and cons. Let us break down these aspects by understanding: What are Personal Loans, and how do they work?

Once you are well acquainted with the details of these financial instruments, you will be able to make informed decisions that align with your financial goals and circumstances.

What are Personal Loans and How Do They Work?

Personal loans are financial assistance a bank or any money lending organisation offers. You pay it back in monthly instalments, including interest. It's a way to get cash when needed, but understand the terms before borrowing. Here's how they work:

A personal loan works by borrowing money from a bank or lender, which you repay over time with interest. When you apply for a loan, the lender reviews your application and checks your credit score. If approved, you receive a lump sum.

You need to pay back the loan in fixed monthly instalments. These instalments will include both the amount you borrowed and the interest, which is like a fee for borrowing the money. The interest rate determines how much extra you pay for the loan. 

When you repay the loan on time, it can improve your credit score. However, missing the payments can also damage your credit score. Some lenders might charge fees, like an origination fee when you first get the loan or late payment fees if you miss payments.

Advantages of Personal Loans

A Personal Loan is a great boon when you need money without hassle. It is convenient because you can repay it over pocket-friendly instalments and get a quick disbursal with little or no paperwork.

Some key advantages of Personal Loans are a quick approval process with minimum documentation, no need for any collateral and its fixed interest rate irrespective of the duration. These loans can be used for any purpose and have pocket-friendly repayment options. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Personal Loans

As with any loan, you should know the advantages and disadvantages. So, weighing the pros and cons of Personal Loans is essential to staying secure. Here’s what you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

Pros of Personal Loans

Offers Versatility: Personal loans can be used for virtually anything, from consolidating debt and starting a small business to funding a wedding.

Build Credit: Paying back on time every month will positively impact your credit score.

No Collateral Needed: Most personal loans are unsecured and will not require collateral, making them a favourable alternative to forms of secured financing.

Pay Over Time: Personal loan interest rates remain fixed irrespective of repayment tenure. Your only responsibility is to pay the loan on time.

Quick Decisions: Unsecured personal loans are easy for application and approval.

Manageable Payments: Payment terms for personal loans are usually flexible. You can choose a tenure that allows you to optimise your monthly instalments according to your needs.

Cons of Personal Loans

While personal loans offer many advantages over other types of borrowing, it is also essential to understand the drawbacks of a personal loan.

Interest Charges: Depending on your credit score and the lender, your interest rate could be anywhere from 6% to 36%.

Potential Fee: Some lenders may charge origination fees, late payment fees or prepayment penalties if you don’t pay on time.

Unnecessary Debt: Taking out a personal loan can lead to a more significant amount of debt. 

Higher Payments: Personal loans can have a higher fixed monthly payment than credit cards.

Financial Risks: Missing a loan instalment or making late payments can damage your credit score in several ways.

Personal loans are helpful for many purposes, allowing you to pay off significant expenses over time. However, you want to be conscientious when considering a personal loan to avoid risking your long-term financial well-being.

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